We are so proud to have incredibly talented artists on stage at Woofstock UK 2018. So let’s introduce them in order of how they will be playing on the day…


Reggie’s Band

Our headline act are becoming a permanent feature at Woofstock UK. Reggie’s band are back for a second year and this year not only are they the opening act, but also will be the last act on stage at the end. Reggie’s band is a family group and was formed by their father “Daddy Perrin” and originally called “Left Right and Centre” (LRC). LRC became hugely popular locally helping raise huge sums of money for local charities as well as entertaining crowds for many years. Now this amazing band has been handed on hence the new name Reggie’s band. They play gigs across Devon combining their enormous talent to bring you well known covers that are sure to get you up and dancing. We are proud to have Reggie’s Band once again at this year’s Woofstock UK. Reggie’s Band are live on stage at 12:15 and 17:30.

You can find out more about Reggie’s band here



Bert Miller

Another returning favourite this year is Bert Miller who usually plays with his band The Animal Folk. Once again this year we have the privilege of having Bert Miller performing solo for us. Bert has a quirky style and that’s an understatement! All original music centred around animals and the planet. With song titles like “Don’t eat your friends”, “Monkeys” and “Bunny Huggers” I think you may just get the gist of what Bert is all about!

Bert Miller and The Animal Folk have played Galstonbury three times and have also played Plymouth Volksfest and Greenbelt Festival to name a few!

You can find out more about Bert Miller and The Animal Folk here http://bertmiller.uk/  Bert is live on stage at 13:15


The Riviera Ukulele Band

A debut act at this year’s Woofstock UK is The Riviera Ukulele Band! The Riviera Ukulele Band have been together since November 2017, formed by a group of ‘ukulele enthusiasts who now perform in and around Torbay, Devon.

Most of of the band have played in other ‘ukulele groups and are accustomed to playing live, having played at events such as Fishstock and the Dartmouth Music Festival.

They present original interpretations of classic songs covering the genres of Rock, Folk and Popular music, a mix to suit listeners of all generations – but are always looking to try something a little different and their set will definitely demonstrate that at Woofstock UK. So get ready for some good old foot stomping and jigging about, we know you will be well and truly entertained! The Riviera Ukulele Band are live on stage at 14:15

You can find out more about The Riviera Ukulele Band here


Richard Stirland

Another debut artiste at this year’s Woofstock UK is Richard Stirland.

Richard Stirland lives in Leeds and has been playing guitar and singing for over 30 years. He specialise in fingerstyle guitar and sings covers of 300+ songs from artists like Paul Simon, Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney, Randy Newman, Elvis Presley, Billy Joel, some 80s plus some more recent and present day.

He says he is also very passionate about classic songs like “A Nightingale Sang In Berkley Square”, “The Nearness Of You” and “I Don’t Get Around Much Any More”. We are looking forward to welcoming Richard on stage this year and I am sure he will have you swinging those hips as he entertains you. Richard Stirland is on stage at 15:15



Nick the Fish

The Fish is back! Oh yes back by popular demand we have Nick The Fish!

As you can tell Nick is not a fish but that is his stage name and he comes from Devon. Nick is an amazing guitarist who plays a great mix of covers and has a quirky sense of humour too. Nick is live on stage at 16:15 

We would like to thank all the acts who once again are giving up their time to come and support us and the charities. So come and join us and our amazing line-up at Woofstock UK 2018 and get your groove on!

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