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Who’s Coming?

Caroline Spencer

Caroline Spencer is a guru in the dog training world and has written books and even designed specialist products to help you and your dog to really understand each other.

Caroline is the author of “Why Does my Dog do That?” and also co-authored (with Lesley Harris) “Parenting your new Puppy” so if there’s anyone who can decipher your dog’s bizarre behaviours, it’s Caroline.

Caroline has also designed the Ultimate Happy at Heel Harness (made by Ancol Pet Products Ltd.) and had experience in training both pet and working dogs. Having delved deeper into doggie psychology, she discovered that us silly humans were working against a dog’s natural instincts rather than with them.

Since 2009, Caroline has been running Pure Dog Listeners where she works alongside several like-minded behaviourists to help put the word out and work with dogs in more areas.

This is the fith year running we have been blessed with Caroline’s presence here at Woofstock. Visit www.puredoglisteners.com to find out more about what Caroline and her team do. You can also find Caroline’s books on Amazon.


Patrick Ridge

Patrick Ridge (BVSc, Cert VR, Cert SAS, MRCVS, RCVS) is a veterinary surgeon and Advanced Practitioner in Small Animal Surgery. Patrick runs the Ridge Referrals team, specialists in small animal orthopaedics and arthroscopy.

We are delighted to confirm that Patrick will be attending Woofstock UK 2019 for the third time. To be honest, his attendance was never in any doubt as Harry refused to have it any other way. Patrick fixed Harry back in 2016 and needless to say, Harry fell in love with him, refusing to leave the practice and insisting Patrick carried him to the car!

This is testament to the connection Patrick has with animals. Dr Dolittle, eat your heart out!

To find out more about Ridge Referrals and the team visit www.ridgereferrals.co.uk

Ross Porter, Veterinary Surgeon


Ross Porter is a small animal vet based in Dart Vale Veterinary Practice
in South Devon he is someone who is deeply passionate about animal
welfare and care. Harry loves Ross and was paramount in his care and
referral to Patrick Ridge. Harry often refuses to leave Ross even after
consultation which shows the bond Ross has with animals.
Ross qualified from the University of Nottingham in 2013 and started
working as a mixed vet at Dart Vale in 2014. In 2016 Ross went travelling in
Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada returning to Dart Vale 9 months
later as a small animal vet. Ross says his favourite elements of veterinary
practice are first opinion consultations.

Ross also carries out Laparoscopic (keyhole) spaying which has many benefits including faster recovery, less pain for the dog and most dogs will be delighted to learn no need for a the plastic cone of shame!
We are delighted that Ross is coming to Woofstock UK 2019 for the second
time as a judge.