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Hi My name is Harry I am known as @spanielharry on Twitter. I am the Top Dog of the Woofstock UK comittee. We is hoping to bwing the dogs of the UK a festival by dogs for dogs that will nefur be furgotten. We has the most amazing committee below who are dedicated to creating a pawsome day. So join us on a journey of discovery as we create a mahoosiv festival Woofstock UK. x

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Ello  I’m Bella I am known as @bellisimobella1 on Twitter. I’m so excited to see da dweam becomin reality I can’t be there on the day cos of my car phobia but I sendin humum on my behalf n she under strict instructions to meet as many of my fwends as she can. But be gentle wiv her cos she is shy. I shall be making sure der enuff pink at Woofstock UK x

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Hi, my names Ninna. I am @woofbed on Twitter.  I absolutely love my doggies and horses. So excited to be part of Woofstock UK and can’t wait to meet so many new/old friends there and most of all have a really good laugh! So don’t be shy, come and say hi! x

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Hi, my name is Sarah and my dog is called Boo. I am @Sedgewick100 on Twitter. I live in North Devonia, which I moved to because it’s always been called ‘sunny devon’. Well, whoever said that lied, it’s always raining here but I love it! I am honoured and privileged to be on Woofstock UK committee, this is going to be history in the making and to be part of it is, to quote Sir Harry, Pawsome. x

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Hi, I am Peter. I am @PeterSelie2 on Twitter. As soon as Harry came up with the idea of Woofstock UK I knew straight away that here was something that I wanted to be involved in. After all, here at last were all the ingredients for a “wooftastic” day out, as Harry would say. Music, fun activities, lots of doggies and a way to raise funds for animal charities. Harry has set up an amazing team, and I’m confident that this is going to be a huge success. I have spent many years working like a dog, but never in a million years could I have predicted I would end up working for a dog! I hope lots of you will come and show your support on the day. I hope to meet you all there. x

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Hi, I am Nero. I am @NeroDawgsta on Twitter.  I often get asked what breed I am & although it’s tempting to tell people I’m a Snottom Biffer that’s a bit wude, the truth is I am half newfoundland and half standard poodle which makes me a Newdle. Woofstock UK is going to be a pawsome day for us doggies & our families too. A whole day dedicated to oppawtunities for meeting old & new pals, listening to music (maybe joining with the odd arooooooooo!) getting lots of treats & new ideas too from the vast array of stalls & generally having the best fun efur. I can’t wait to meet you there!! x

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Hi, I am Mookie. I am @Mooksterboy on Twitter. Initially wen I was asked to be on de Woofstock UK committee I was shy to say yes. Den I found out dat de bootiful Bella was on it and as I wuv her so much I just had to say yes! Apart fwom dat I is weally lookin furward to bein part of de committee and part of Woofstock UK. It gonna be pawsome! x