Police dogs receive a one off payment from the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner when they retire, but as you can imagine this does not last long. This is where Pawsome Pensions step in. Their intention is to enhance this generous donation and raise money to ensure Police/Fire dogs receive the best healthcare possible, ensuring they have an excellent quality of life in their retirement years by helping towards their veterinary bills. a way of giving back to the dogs who have spent years working.
Pawsome Pensions is a not for profit unregistered charity and all monies raised will be used to help pay towards vets bills for the retired Police and Fire dogs. A working Police or Fire dog can serve many years, providing an invaluable service to the communities they work in and the officers they work with. When the dogs retire the handler or the new adopter take on the full responsibility for that dog and all the financial commitments of caring for a retired working dog. Most dogs will retire at the end of their service, however some retire early due to illness or injury. Seeking insurance for medical care of a retired Police/Fire dog is possible but it can be very difficult. Due to their jobs and their age at retirement it comes at a premium price. This insurance will also not cover any pre-existing injuries/illnesses that may have been sustained through the dogs working life.
So Pawsome Pensions want to help these four legged legends. Now they have retired and lost their license to work, they want to give them a
“Licence to Chill!”