When pets in Devon lose their home (or are rescued from an inadequate one), the lucky ones end up with Animals in Distress. Animals in Distress run a Rescue Centre in which dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs are cared for prior to being rehomed.

Animals in Distress live by a six point Mission Statement where they commit to:

  • Caring for and nurturing any unwanted pet brought to them (providing there is room for them in the Rescue Centre and they are suitable for rehoming).
  • Providing shelter, food, exercise and veterinary care.
  • Not putting an animal to sleep without veterinary advice.
  • Checking homes for suitability.
  • Examining the condition of pets prior to rehoming (via their contracted veterinary surgeon).
  • Treating their user groups with respect, understanding and courtesy while demonstrating an inherent sense of duty and helpfulness.

Animals in Distress also run a number of shops in the Devon area.