Now as you all know, or maybe you don’t, Woofstock UK is a festival by dogs for dogs! With that in mind we want to introduce you to Bellisimo Bella who is the Director of design and marketing and one of the original founders.

Bella is top dog who creates all the posters and images for Woofstock UK. She is also the chief nagger of Harry and his pawsonal assistant. Without Bella, and her mum Mandie, there would be no visuals for us to spread the woof about Woofstock UK each year.

Bella is very partial to bacon sticks, saveloys, popcorn, chicken… get the idea! Bella is also crazy about pink which is much to Harry’s annoyance particularly the time he came back to see she had painted the entire office.


Now if it was not enough doing all things Woofstock UK all year round, Bella also runs her own boutique fashion design business for dogs and humans too! Bellas Bananas is a fab shop where you can buy a whole range of hand made items for you or your dog.

So be sure to take a look at Bellas Bananas and also find Bella on twitter too you can find the link to her twitter feed at the bottom of the page.

Thank you Bella for all you do even if you do nag!


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